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Expert Service

Professional Commercial/Residential Tech Support Services provided onsite or by pickup/delivery by appointment.

Computer Troubleshooting & Repair

If your having trouble with your computer like slowness, pop-ups, strange error messages, blue screens, boot failures or any other of the many problems computers can have, we can help! We diagnose problems with your computer and give you repair options and suggestions.

Computer Maintenance & Security

Computer maintenance is essential to smooth functionality throughout the life of the computer. We can help you keep your computer fast, secure and up to date by setting up automatic update features and helping you find the best security for your needs.

Network Setup & Maintenance

Weather you are building a new network or trying to improve your existing network our technicians will bring care and expertise to each project to fulfill your requirements. We can help you set up security, recover lost passwords, set up file/printer sharing and much more.

Virus Removal

If your experiencing slowness, unusual pop-ups, error messages, warnings, advertisements, and/or requests for financial information then you most likely have a virus on your computer. We can help remove the virus and give recommendations on prevention of future attacks.

Data Transfer/Storage

Move your pictures, videos, documents, and other important data from one computer to another and/or store it on a remote server that you can access from anywhere.

Video Production

We are now offering professional video production, we can do everything from advertising and commercial videos to employee training and education videos.