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StonetownTV Makes Headlines (Almost a year ago)

Well its been almost a year since we launched StonetownTV and it feels like just yesterday I was setting up the first one and sorting through all the bugs. It has really transformed a lot […]

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A blast from the past: FDMS Newspaper Article

I was cleaning up some room on my computer when I came across this news paper article the Journal Argus did on us a year or two ago. Check it out!

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Businesses in St. Marys, get excited about Digital Signage!

Attention St. Marys & area businesses, Digital Signage is easier and more affordable than ever before and we can help you get started for as low as $20/month!

We’ve come to a great point in time […]

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DJI Phantom Quadcopter

This is a long video but this thing is so cool.

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Flying Cars.. I want one!

This remote controlled mini flying car looks really cool. When someone makes a life-sized version that I can ride in I will definitely be buying one.

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Is someone steeling your Wi-Fi?!

Great tip from CNET on how to find out if someone is stealing your WiFi.

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